try! Swift vs droidcon - NYC Conferences

try! Swift vs droidcon - NYC Conferences


I enjoyed attending both the try! Swift NYC and the droidconNYC conferences this year. Although my work consists mainly of iOS development, I consider myself to be a mobile developer as both platforms are great and are important! With that said, I thought it would be interesting to put together a little comparison of both conferences. I will try my best to be unbiased 😅.

Some thoughts before we get into the comparison:


try! Swift: A, droidcon: A

Main talk themes


try! Swift: A, droidcon: A


try! Swift: A-, droidcon: A


try! Swift: B, droidcon: A


try! Swift: B+, droidcon: A


Some tips if you are planning or thinking of attending a conference

Interested in weighing in? Let’s chat on Twitter!

p.s. Where is the Window’s phone conference, amirite?

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